Skat-Trak Paddle Tires

MKE Motorsports is proud distributor for Skat-Trak Paddle Tires. As Sand Drags, Tractor Pulls, and Mud Bogging has grown in popularity, so has our line of Paddle Tires to suit your needs. From our Hooker on through to our Bigger Digger model, we have a paddle that is the right height and shape to sink in and hook-up quickly. As with all our paddle tires, each one is custom-made to your specific order.

With today’s high-performance, highly customized machines, it’s more important than ever to have the right combination of paddle size and configuration matched to your desired performance. Fortunately, our unique manufacturing process allows us to custom configure to your specific needs. We can add Cord to the Hooker Paddle to add strength and stagger some paddles to achieve maximum traction for your tire width.

MKE has access to the three popular styles of paddle tires offered by Skat-Trak. We can make the process of obtaining these tires as seamless as possible. Since all sets of tires are made custom, MKE only takes orders through communication via e-mail or phone. Please fill out the Contact Form on the "Contact" page of this web site or call us direct at 937-243-6791. Continue on below to check out the different types of paddle tires offered by Skat-Trak.